Wondrous Goose ships worldwide. Of course, your art is also shipped in style.

When you order a Wondrous Goose piece of art, you can be sure that I will do anything in my power to have it delivered to your home quickly and safely. And all this in style too.

To minimize the chance of damage a wooden shipping box is custom made for each framed art print. The Wondrous Goose logo is painted by hand on each shipping box. The artwork itself is safely placed in the box. No plastic packaging materials are used in the process because the Oceans are far too full of that already.

The shipping is insured and you will get a track and trace code. For each destination, I select which shipping company suits the needs best.

I am proud to inform you that my artwork already hangs on many walls worldwide. Not only in several European countries, like the Netherlands, France, and The United Kingdom but also in the United States. But I must say that I am ready to conquer the world with Wondrous Goose!