Epona’s story starts in April 2008 in our neighbour’s stable. Epona came into the world after a very difficult birth. After the delivery, we were allowed to come and visit. And there we saw a very small foal and an exhausted mother horse. The foal stood up too slowly and she remained very shaky. Her muscles and tendons were stretched because she had been lying strangely twisted in the womb. The vet said she had to go outside a lot so she could train her muscles quickly.
The next day, Epona and her mother were allowed out. The foal had elastic legs that went in all directions. But Epona had an enormous lust for life and she kept running and running. Sometimes she fell, but she did not care. Mother horse ran along worriedly all the time.
After some time, the neighbour moved away and Epona went with her. Sometimes we came across each other, but the contact was diluted.
This summer, my old neighbour suddenly walked into the exhibition where I exhibited. It was a few miles away from her and my village. She saw the art print with Epona, fell in love, and bought it.
She told me that Epona is fine, she lives with the neighbour’s daughter. Epona is still a very jolly and a bit clumsy horse.