I am not a morning person and I love sunrises. That’s not a contradiction, it just means that I have to set my alarm clock to see the sunrise.

Between the time of sunrise in summer and in winter, there is a time difference of more than3 hours in the Netherlands. In June, the sun rises at about 5:20 am, and in January at about 8:30 am. This means that in January I am usually awake at sunset. But because it’s often wet and cold, there is not much point in photographing the sunrise and leaving our cozy home. But now at this time of year, in September and October, sunrises are often sunny, mysterious, and misty. And, not too early either, so it’s easier to be in time for the show.

…to witness how the world slowly takes on color and wakes up.

I live, if I may say so, in one of the most beautiful parts of the Netherlands, in the province of Drenthe. From our house, it’s easy to reach the fields and woods where all this beauty takes place and to witness how the world slowly takes on color and wakes up. Trees looming up like shadows in the mist. Clouds in all colors, a pale sun gaining strength, birds waking up and making themselves heard.  Every time I experience such a sunrise, I think: I am going to enjoy this every day! What a miracle it is!

But then again, as I am both my own boss and my own employee and having my workspace at home, I don’t necessarily have to get out at sunset. The warm bed and the morning coffee too often wins out over these morning tide excursions.

…the miracle of the awakening woods and fields…

This week, I’m going to set the alarm. To be outside on time, to witness the miracle of the awakening woods and fields and capture it in photographs. Fortunately, I have a motivating goal. I am going to take fresh photos that I can use as backgrounds in my collages. I hope for lots of fog and sun.