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The hoverfly squat and the skating foal

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The hoverfly squat and the skating foal

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The hoverfly squat and the skating foal-2021

The hoverfly squat helps the clumsy skating foal to become a very cool horse.

A few facts:

  • The foal was born a few years ago to one of our neighbour’s horses. Because she had been in the wrong position in the mother’s womb and had been born almost backward, her tendons and muscles were overstretched. The vet told our neighbors that their foal had to go outside a lot to train all her muscles well. The first day she jumped and ran very clumsy. But she was so happy and brave. It all turned out well.
  • I photographed the horse in the background at a showjumping horses competition. With the help of Photoshop, I did vanish the rider.
  •  The horse in the background is three times the same horse.

Limited editions:
25 prints 30x30cm | 8 prints 50x50cm | 5 prints 80x80cm.
Handsigned and numbered art prints. Including a certificate of authenticity. Send in a handmade shopping box.

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For example, you choose 30x30cm, the print itself will be 20x20cm together with the passe-partout it makes 30x30cm.

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