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Sweet Pirate

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Sweet Pirate

30x30: 22 available
50x50: 8 available
80x80: 5 available
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Sweet Pirate-2021

Sweet Pirate is about our dog Valentino and all the brave animals and people who had to learn to trust life (again) and find peace in themselves. After a rough start as a stray dog, Valentino is doing very well. He’s turned out to be the funniest, most curious, and most charming dog I know.

A few facts:

  • The giant turtle lives in WILDLANDS Adventure Zoo Emmen
  • I tried the idea of Valentino with his younger self in three different collages. This one is the final result.
  • I wrote a BLOG about this artwork

Limited editions:
25 prints 30x30cm | 8 prints 50x50cm | 5 prints 80x80cm.
Handsigned and numbered art prints. Including a certificate of authenticity.

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