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Spot the loony

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Spot the loony

30x30: 49 available
50x50: 8 available
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Spot the Loony-2019

They look posh in their top hats and bow ties. Surrounded by desolate scenery, as if by accident, they have ended up there. One is clearly different….but is that one the loony? Finish the story for yourself, that’s what storytelling artwork by Wondrous Goose is all about.

Three facts:

  • I named the limited art print after the famous Monty Python scene
  • The animals are Fox mongooses because they look like foxes
  • They live in a German Zoo, but in my artwork, they are standing on a building land in Cape Verde

Limited editions:
50 prints 30x30cm | 8 prints 50x50cm | 5 prints 80x80cm.
Handsigned and numbered art prints. Including a certificate of authenticity.

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