Whoop, whoop!

My artworks ‘Yora the bird whisperer’ and ‘The Liberator’ are Photographizes curator’s choice. Therefore they are published in Photographize Magazine Issue N.45. You can find Yora and the Liberator in the Highlights section.
Photographize is a well-respected worldwide platform for visual artists like photographers and graphic designers. A very nice opportunity to promote the surreal animal art of Wondrous Goose.

They only publish about 3% of the art that’s presented to them.  So, I am proud and happy! I would dance the Lindy Hop right now. If I could.

Yora the Birdwhisperer is in the SHOP already. The Liberator will soon be in the shop. If you can’t wait: send an E-mail

Read Photographize Magazine Issue N.45.

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