On this day of Biden’s inauguration, I’d like to remember the most perfectly ‘O’ shaped mouth in the world.
While working on ‘Rush hour’, I was looking for a nicely ‘O’ shaped mouth, so I could give the snail a perfect place for his little cigarette.
I searched my archive, but unfortunately, I didn’t find a mouth with this shape in any picture.
And then I remembered the man with the ‘O’ shaped mouth. The best ‘O’ shape in the world! Never seen a better ‘O’! The absolute top of the ‘OOOOOO’!
So I searched for a photo where the very, very best ‘O’ shaped mouth of the world was photographed. And I found an exceptionally fine Talking head, where the ‘O’ was as ‘O’ shaped as it gets.

The snail in my collage looked perfect with this mouth, the yellow mustache ánd the perfect fitting cigarette in the ‘O’, of course.

At that time I hadn’t started Wondrous Goose yet, but I posted ‘Rush hour’ on my The Factory2 photography account on Facebook.
I started a small competition; the person who could guess which part of which famous world citizen was incorporated into the collage would get a postcard with the ‘Rush hour’ collage.

One woman got it right: ‘It is Donald Trump’s mouth on the snail!’
I told her she was right and I wanted to post an evidence picture in the comments. Facebook told me that my message was in violation of the guidelines on nude images and sexuality.


Trums Mouth
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