Since December, I have made four new surreal animal collages that I think are worth sending into the world. I still have to figure out which works I can deliver in a large format. For that, I need a few more proofs. But all collages will all appear on postcards that I sell at Etsy. This will be in the near future.

In the order that I made them:

The new nanny

A joyful performance about a nanny who you, as a parent, would rather not have looking after your offspring. The giraffes and the baboon live in Wildlands Zoo in Emmen. I took the photo of the sidecar during an assignment for a race of antique motorbikes. They drive around on a beach in Cape Verde.

Après nous le déluge | After us the flood

This is said to be a quote from Madame de Pompadour, one of the most famous mistresses of King Louis XV of France.
In the background, you can see the palace where she lived. It is located in….. you guessed it: Pompadour in France. The pigs live in Gees, a village close to my home. They live on free-range farm ‘t Zwien
The work refers somewhat to the climate crisis, but I also just tried to make an original and cheerful image.

The magic show! (no cats allowed)

With the neighbor’s rabbit, a cat and a top hat from a photo assignment, a couple of young owls that grew up in the old oak trees in our street, and a garage door that I photographed in France, I made in The magic show (no cats allowed). I like the antique look of this work. In my head I have my own story to go with this scene. I invite you to think of yours and share it.

White flag

I wanted to make a simply joyful collage. But when the war in Ukraine suddenly broke out it could not, not be part of the creation.
My head went back to an album I hadn’t played for a long time: ‘Misplaced Childhood’ by Marillion and then, especially to the song ‘White feather’:

‘I will wear your white feather
I will carry your white flag
I will swear I have no nation
But I’m proud to own my heart
My heart, this is my heart’

Take good care of each other in the coming times.