Last year while strolling the fields nearby my house, I found a roedeer skull. I took it home and someone there was very curious about this object :-) Our dog Valentino was on the one hand very interested and on the other hand, he thought it was an almost too exciting object. He was allowed to smell the skull and later he dared to take a lick of it. When he got so brave that he tried to put the skull gently in his mouth, probably to take it to his basket, I moved the skull out of his reach. Which he didn’t like.

Of course, not only Valentino thought it was an interesting object. I also think it is a very beautiful thing, otherwise I would not have taken it home. So I wanted to keep it whole.

I photographed the skull from many sides. And I incorporated one of those photos into this work. ‘Cooking the rubber Duckies’. And it may well be that it will appear in other artworks in the future.

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