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The awakening woods and fields in September

I am not a morning person and I love sunrises. That's not a contradiction, it just means that I have to set my alarm clock to see the sunrise. Between the time of sunrise in summer and in winter, there is a time difference of more than3 hours in the Netherlands. In June, the

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About lying, and bringing the butterflies home

"Lying, the telling of beautiful untrue things, is the proper aim of Art." -Oscar Wilde- In this picture, you see two puppies but actually, there's only just one. I used two pictures of the same dog, my dog Szuka(*). She's a Vizsla mix. This is her in her younger days. Nowadays, she is a

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I am searching through my photo archive trying to make new collages. Cutting and pasting, creating new worlds. That's what I do, these days. Music is important in the process. I prefer to work with the music on. Sometimes somewhere in the process, a song and a picture blend together. That's why some of

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Birdwatching and the making of ‘The cat watch’

I am a bit of a birdwatcher. Not a professional one who knows all the names of birds by heart, let alone in Latin, but I do like to watch birds. It makes me happy when birds come back from Africa after the winter. Seeing the first swallows fly or hearing the sound of

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On this day of Biden's inauguration, I'd like to remember the most perfectly 'O' shaped mouth in the world. While working on 'Rush hour', I was looking for a nicely 'O' shaped mouth, so I could give the snail a perfect place for his little cigarette. I searched my archive, but unfortunately, I didn't

By |2021-06-07T18:44:24+02:00January 20th, 2021|Creative, How to|0 Comments
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