This is me working on my Wacom Cintiq 16, making an illustration for a children’s magazine, written in ‘Nedersaksisch’, a language spoken in my region, the north-east of The Netherlands..

This Flying Rabbit illustrates a poem about ‘A Rabbit in a Plane’. In the dialect: ‘A Knien in ‘t Vlaigmesien’.

I loved creating this poetic animal. One of my main challenges was assembling the correct images. Even in my large archive, I didn’t have one rabbit sitting in the way necessary way for this piece. Fortunately, my neighbours are the proud owners of some gigantic rabbits. One of them was kindly willing to pose for me. -No, he didn’t have to wear that flying helmet-

After taking the pic, I started illustrating and editing. This video reveals a little of how I make the magic happen.

For work where ‘The magic already had happened’, you can have a look at my finished works in my Portfolio.

Watch the magic on Youtube