Editions & Numbering

Size does matter, tell me about the sizes of your work

Surreal animal art prints are available in the following standard sizes: 30x30cm, 50x50cm and 80x80cm. Pay attention: To the sizes of the Wooden Frame. When you order a print in a Wooden Frame: the size of your choice is the outer side of the passe-partout, not the size of the print or the frame If you order

What does ‘Limited Edition’ mean? How are they different from ‘Open Edition Prints’? Why do they cost more?

These prints are Limited Edition, which means that only a limited number are ever made. Most of my small sized limited prints are restricted to 50. No more than 50* Prints will ever be made. The Medium-sized (50cm)prints ar mostly limited to 8* Prints and the largest size (>80cm) is limited to 1* Print.Once those

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Wat ‘numbering’ plan do you use?

A limited-edition is hand signed and numbered in pencil by Anneke in the form [printnumber]/[total prints]. The first number is the number of the print itself. The second number is the number of overall prints that I will print that ArtPrint.Artist's proof is hand signed and numbered in pencil by Anneke in the form [A.P.].

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