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When I buy an artwork do I get a certificate of authenticity?2021-06-11T14:37:32+02:00

All hand signed limited prints have also a certificate of authenticity

Where on the artwork do you sign?2022-07-31T17:42:07+02:00
  • Fine art print: On the front of the fine art print, in white border
  • Wooden Frame: on the front of the artwork in the white border. And the back of the work
  • Floater Frame: on the back of the artwork on the aluminum carrier
  • Aluminum carrier: on the back of the artwork on the aluminum carrier
  • Dibond with the Acrylic face Mount: on the back of the Dibond


Size does matter, tell me about the sizes of your work2021-12-23T12:06:23+01:00
  • Surreal animal art prints are available in the following standard sizes: 30x30cm, 50x50cm and 80x80cm.
  • Pay attention: To the sizes of the Wooden Frame.
  • When you order a print in a Wooden Frame: the size of your choice is the outer side of the passe-partout, not the size of the print or the frame
  • If you order 30x30cm, the print itself will be 20x20cm together with the passe-partout it makes 30x30cm
    50x50cm has a print size of 35x35cm, together with the passe-partout it makes 50x50cm
    and 80x80cm comes with a print in 60×60 cm, together with the passe-partout it makes 80x80cm
How is the price of my artwork calculated?2021-06-11T14:39:41+02:00

For setting the prices we made the following calculations: 

  • Costs of material used for the artworks, like prints and frames:10-15% 
  • Other costs like the sending box, kilometers, and office supplies: 5%
  • Banking costs by paying with credit cards: 2,8%
  • Commissions for art galleries are often a fairly large expense. 20% to 50%
  • I sell through galleries and through my own channels. When you buy directly from me, there is no discount. This way there’s no difference in pricing compared to the galleries. I do not want to be the competitor of the ones selling for me.
  • Also, when I do my own marketing there are costs and time included like building a maintaining an up-to-date website, advertising, and being present on social media.
  • Tax: 21 %




The payment is made to The Factory II, is this okay?2021-06-11T14:41:54+02:00

The payment gateway is the same gateway I use for my photography since 2006. My photography is known under the name “The Factory II”



Are the frames custom made?2021-06-11T14:43:13+02:00

We have most frames custom made frames, only the wooden frame for the Small Art Print with passe-partout is readymade.


What is a passe-partout?2021-06-21T13:26:23+02:00

The passe-partout we use for your framed Art Prints is an off white acid-free cardboard border. We place the passe-partout on your Art Print. The passe-partout primarily serves to keep a distance between your Fine Art Print and the glass. And this border gives the product a certain style as well.


What is a “Fine Art Print”?2021-06-21T13:27:43+02:00

Fine art printing is printing on museum-quality, therefore fine art printing offers quality and longevity. By use of archival mediums durable pigment inks on high-resolution digital inkjet printers.

What is Acrylic Face Mount?2021-06-21T13:29:19+02:00

The acrylic face mount is a clear plastic sheet with a higher light transmission than glass. We use Acrylate in combination with a Dibond carrier for optimal preservation. If you want a high-gloss and frameless effect of your Art Print Acrylic Face mount is your choice.

I want a different frame color2021-06-21T13:31:12+02:00

Black and white are the standard colors for the frames. If you’d like to have a different color you can contact me. I will investigate whether it is possible and if so, I will notify you about any additional costs.

What is a “Wooden Frame Fine Art Print”?2021-06-23T11:49:36+02:00

Our framer glues your Fine Art Print onto special photo framing cardboard for better conservation and he hand cuts all the passe-partouts. We frame your Fine Art Print with an off white passe-partout.
You can choose a black or white wooden frame for your piece of art. Our framer makes the frames for the medium and large Fine Art Prints by hand.

Options white wooden frame for Wondrousgoose fine art print
Options black wooden frame for Wondrousgoose fine art print
What is a “Floater Frame Fine Art Print”?2021-06-23T11:50:43+02:00

A Floater Frame around a fine art print gives a beautiful and classic look. I let the print glue on 1 mm thick aluminum. Then the printing company assembles the print on the aluminum in a wooden frame.
The print has a small distance from the edge of the frame which creates a floating effect. The wooden frames are handmade. You can choose from a black or white frame.
The beautiful wood grain remains visible in all colors.

Why glue my Fine Art Print on Aluminum?2021-06-23T11:51:23+02:00

Aluminum is one of the most durable options you can choose for your Art Print. Because aluminum is sleek and it’s stretch and shrink-free. Because of that and is often chosen for photo exhibitions.
It is incredibly robust and if an aluminum mounted print gets smears or smudges on its surface, cleanup is simple — all you’ll need to do is wipe it down with a damp cloth to restore its original beauty.



I want to use Wondrouw Goose works (Print reproduction)2021-06-23T11:52:48+02:00

If you are interested in featuring my work in your magazine or other publication. Or when you want to use my work for promoting your commercial purposes.  Or if you want to use my images on your company’s products

Then you must read the copyright terms page first

For permission and any questions contact Anneke


Can I share website content?2021-06-23T11:54:00+02:00

You may share and distribute any content on this website (images and text), as long as that content remains unaltered. You have to  cite Wondrousgoose.com and ad a link back to the original content. Read more…

Any reproduction of content from wondrousgoose.com that does not abide by my terms is an infringement of copyright and may result in legal action.

I’ve seen illegal use or unauthorized copies of your artwork. What should I do?2021-06-23T11:55:24+02:00

Please mail me straight away! Thank you in advance for helping me!

Will you do custom work for me?2023-01-25T09:57:54+01:00

Can I commission you for a project? Can I hire you for some freelance work?

Yes, I do commissioned work. But I consider for each assignment separately whether it suits me. Please familiarize yourself with my style before contacting me. I only accept commissions that are done in the style of my original work. Please be sure to contact me with plenty of time in advance of any deadline. From conception to shipping I can usually finish a piece within 6 weeks, depending on size and level of detail. The pricing depends on the hours I have to spend on the project (most of the time it takes 8 to 24 hours to finish one piece ) It also depends on the print run and the purpose of the order.


commission work
How long does shipping take?2021-06-23T11:59:54+02:00

Before shipping, I get your artwork printed and framed. This will take about 1 to 7 business days. I will notify you when the work is ready for shipping. After that, the Shipping takes between 1 to 15 business days depending on where the prints need to be shipped.
You will receive a track and trace code.

Where do I collect my artwork if I choose to pick it up instead of shipping?2021-06-23T12:01:10+02:00

If you want to collect your artwork in person, your artwork will be available for pick up in Zwinderen, The Netherlands. Make an appointment first, so I have coffee (or tea) ready for you :-)

What does ‘Open Edition’ mean?2021-06-23T12:01:50+02:00

I can sell open edition prints as prints without any limit in number.

What does ‘Limited Edition’ mean? How are they different from ‘Open Edition Prints’? Why do they cost more?2021-03-07T14:17:57+01:00

These prints are Limited Edition, which means that only a limited number are ever made. Most of my small sized limited prints are restricted to 50. No more than 50* Prints will ever be made. The Medium-sized (50cm)prints ar mostly limited to 8* Prints and the largest size (>80cm) is limited to 1* Print.
Once those prints are sold – that’s it!
Open Edition prints are unlimited in quantity. I will print as many as people would like to purchase.
Numbered prints may potentially retain their financial value as art (i.e., as an appreciating investment) because they are created in my artistic process rather than by a strictly mechanical one, and may become scarce because of the number of multiples is limited. *Be sure to check the accompanying text in which the exact numbers are published as well as how many Prints of that particular size are still available.

Wat ‘numbering’ plan do you use?2021-03-07T14:17:57+01:00

A limited-edition is hand signed and numbered in pencil by Anneke in the form [printnumber]/[total prints]. The first number is the number of the print itself. The second number is the number of overall prints that I will print that ArtPrint.
Artist’s proof is hand signed and numbered in pencil by Anneke in the form [A.P.]. Prints that are given to someone or are for some reason unsuitable for sale are marked [H.C.]. Unique copy: [1/1] (only 1 copy is made)

Can I get a particular edition number?2021-03-07T14:17:57+01:00

If you wish to collect a particular edition number, please get in touch with me.
While I will do my best to accommodate your request, a specific edition number may not always be available.

Will you sign my print? Can you add a custom message?2021-03-07T14:17:57+01:00

I sign all of my Limited Edition and Artist Proofs. Only the rare 1/1 edition will be eligible for a custom message. Simply note it in the Note field when ordering and then send an email to anneke@wondrousgoose.com with your order number in the subject line as well as “CUSTOM MESSAGE” The follow-up email will make it less likely that I miss your request.
You are welcome to bring a limited edition print you have purchased online to any event where I am making an appearance and I will put a message on it for you in person.

I want a print in a size that I don’t see offered on your website2021-03-07T14:17:57+01:00
All prints reflect the dimensions of the original piece, so PLEASE NOTE the dimensions to make sure that the print you select is a size that will work for your needs. I cannot provide custom print sizes at this time. What you see offered is what is available. NOTE: The watermark in the image is only for digital display and does not appear in the originals or prints.
I live outside Europe. Can I still buy from you?2021-03-07T14:17:58+01:00

Yes! Nearly all countries can order through wondrousgoose.com.

Get in contact if you are unable to order from the website.

What payment types do you accept?2021-03-07T14:17:58+01:00

For orders through wondrousgoose.com, I accept iDeal and major credit cards.

How much does it cost for shipping & handling?2021-03-07T14:17:58+01:00

Shipping costs will depend on the items you are ordering, quantity, and the shipping destination. When you go through the ordering process, you will be presented with some shipping options and you will be able to see your total order cost, including shipping, before checkout.

Do you offer a refund?2021-03-07T14:17:58+01:00

I don’t offer a refund unless there is probable cause for an artwork to be returned such as damage. If you are unsure about the return policy, please visit our Terms & Conditions or get in touch with Anneke Bloema who would be more than happy to help with any questions or concerns.

Who covers import duties or taxes associated with the value of an artwork?2021-03-07T14:17:58+01:00

Import duties and taxes vary from country to country depending on where your artwork is shipped to. It is the responsibility of the buyer to be aware of and pay for any associated import fees imposed by their (tax)laws.

What if my artwork arrives damaged?2021-03-07T14:17:58+01:00

In the rare circumstance that an artwork arrives damaged, please contact me immediately.
I will do my best to replace your artwork where circumstances allow such as remaining editions or will offer you a full refund for the purchase.
Please note that if your print arrives damaged, you will be asked to provide sufficient evidence; including but not limited to photographic evidence, videos, written accounts, etc.

Do you sell giftcards?2021-03-07T14:17:58+01:00

Yes we sell digital gift cards with the vallue of €100,- (one honderd euros).

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