My brain gadget, and the colour of Wednesday

When I was in the second class of primary school, one day my mother was listening to the radio when I came out of school. I had to be quiet for a while because she wanted to continue listening to a topic on a popular science radio program. It was about people to whom

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The hoverfly squad and the skating foal | The story of Epona

Epona's story starts in April 2008 in our neighbour's stable. Epona came into the world after a very difficult birth. After the delivery, we were allowed to come and visit. And there we saw a very small foal and an exhausted mother horse. The foal stood up too slowly and she remained very shaky.

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About the animals in my art, and where they live in real life.

You may have noticed that animals play the leading role in all my collages. Find out about where they live in real life. I will start off with my dearest animals: my two dogs. Live is good with our fabulous dogs I believe our dogs are the best. Just like any dog owner

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About lying, and bringing the butterflies home

"Lying, the telling of beautiful untrue things, is the proper aim of Art." -Oscar Wilde- In this picture, you see two puppies but actually, there's only just one. I used two pictures of the same dog, my dog Szuka(*). She's a Vizsla mix. This is her in her younger days. Nowadays, she is a

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Birdwatching and the making of ‘The cat watch’

I am a bit of a birdwatcher. Not a professional one who knows all the names of birds by heart, let alone in Latin, but I do like to watch birds. It makes me happy when birds come back from Africa after the winter. Seeing the first swallows fly or hearing the sound of

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