If you are simply interested in using my artwork to show off or display or decorate your website, FaceBook, Pinterest etc. you are welcome to do so free of charge, as long as you follow these four easy steps.:

1. The Image must remain unaltered

No changing the pictures whatsoever. No animations, adding text, no sparkles, nothing. Sorry folks, if you want to do this, see the section about licensing. Just use the picture as shown, as I created it, please. You can re-size it as needed for the space, but please do not change the image other than that.

2. Only use the watermarked images from wondrousgoose.com

I only grant display permission of the images of my artwork as shown here on my website, wondrousgoose.com, complete with the wondrousgoose.com watermark text on them. No scanning in other pics or snagging them from commercial sites, etc. For free display, I only allow use of the watermarked images from this site.

3. Give me credit: Anneke Bloema/woundrousgoose.com

You will need to credit the following: Anneke Bloema/wondrousgoose.com and a clickable link to https://wondrousgoose.com.

4. Non commercial use only

If you are selling something — anything at all — I do not allow free display of my artwork. If you are interested in licensing my artwork for business use, contact me at anneke@wondrousgoose.com.