On the shortlist!

I have been shortlisted for the Illustrators Exhibition 2024 organised by the Bologna Children’s Book Fair. This is pretty much Valhalla for children’s books, so I am proud! I will hear soon whether I won an award or not.

In 2018, I submitted the story of ‘Aggy, the goose who will one day dare to fly’ for the ‘Picture This!’ competition. This contest was organized by Uitgeverij Lemniscaat, among others. Aggy was one of the three Dutch winners. The winners’ pictures were exhibited all over the world AND at the Children’s Book Fair in Bologna. That gave me so much confidence that I thought. this is what I want to do, and I’m going to do it! That’s where it all started, that’s where the name Wondrous Goose comes from.

And now 6 years later I entered the Illustrator Exhibition of the Bologna Children’s Book Fair for the first time, and my name is on the shortlist of this competition. Things are going well for the Book Fair and me :-)

I must say I am very pleased with the start of this year!