“Lying, the telling of beautiful untrue things, is the proper aim of Art.”

-Oscar Wilde-

In this picture, you see two puppies but actually, there’s only just one. I used two pictures of the same dog, my dog Szuka(*). She’s a Vizsla mix. This is her in her younger days. Nowadays, she is a distinguished middle-aged lady. She is such a good dog that we always joke that we should clone her. And that’s just what has happened here :-) She is sweet, very sensitive, and cooperative. She is a pleasure to walk and to go on adventures with. She hardly ever needs a leash because she stays near and she’s very obedient. People think that we have trained her well because she is so easy. But that’s not the case. She was born well-behaved.

Horses that seem to have stepped out of fairy tales

In summer, we see horses that seem to have stepped out of fairy tales in Dutch meadows. Dressed in what seems like magical attire, they look like knights in shining armour. The actual reason for their dress is of a less magical order. Some northern horse breeds are bothered by a stinging fly that originates from southern Europe and now feels comfortable here now due to global warming. These horses wear their suits to ward off those flies.

I photographed the butterflies on the island of St. Maarten a few years ago. This species is called the Monarch butterfly In real life they are orange but in this composition, I liked them better in a soft lilac. So I turned to Photoshop. (Sorry to the Monarch butterflies whom I haven’t consulted.)

They came together in a collage to tell a new story.

All these real-life animals found in very different places and times came together in this collage telling a new story. A tale that starts: “Once upon a time on a misty morning, the butterflies were brought home by the sweetest dogs in the world……”

If you wish, you can finish the story or come up with your own tale. You can leave it in the comments if you like.
Oh, and please don’t forget to lie!

* The Vizsla is a Hungarian breed. Szuka is Hungarian for female wolf or female dog and therefore also for bitch. (Okay, she can be slightly bitchy sometimes, too)

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