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Wondrous Goose

Take one step beyond imagination

Who’s the goose?
A story about one little boy and two big dogs

Imagination gives courage

He was three years old and he came to stay over at our place for the first time. His mother, my sister, would drop him off. Our dogs started barking as soon as they arrived. They wanted to sniff him. He was only a small child, just tall enough to look over the dogs. And though he knew us, our house and our dogs, it had become too frightening. He’d be here without his mother. Alone


Wondrous Goose:
Surreal Animal Art made from real photos

– Take one step beyond imagination –

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Wondrous Goose

Imaginative and at times surreal, always sweet and whimsical.
Sometimes humorous and at all times compassionate, narrative photo art in which animals play the lead.
Anneke Bloema tells us stories about us humans with her collages.
She depictits our characteristics, dreams, wishes, and intentions in fairytale parables.

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I am not easily speechless but I admire these forms of creativity. If you read fairytales and saga as a deep source of wisdom, inner developments or the life path / wisdom, then this should certainly be included! I am touched!


Annechien Steenwijk, De Roedel Thuis

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